Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All about Me

Hi my name is Brennan. I am in Year 8 at Pt England School. I am 12 years old. My favourite food is apples. My friends are Junior, Sosaia, and Patrick. They are in the same class as me. I am looking forward to camp this year.

(posted with help from the teacher)


  1. Hi Brennan,

    I am glad you told me today that you had a post on your blog. Good work!
    I think you need another photo to show your cool haircut.

  2. Whitney Greer:
    Hi Brennan,
    I am a college student at the University of South Alabama here in the United States. I am going to school to be a teacher and your class has been a part of our assignment! I think your class has alot going on with the use of technology in the classroom -- do you enjoy technology as well? Knowing you do not know who I am, I would like to invite you to see my class blog to see what were doing in class! Click here


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